It’s your money. How do you grow it, control it and save it?


Leading you through the reality of business and taking you to a place where you can dream.


Real-world solutions that give you the power and knowledge to better control your money.


Create a plan to protect, save and share your assets for your future and that of your heirs.

It’s easy to manage your money with Ocean Point

We offer a full suite of financial services for businesses and individuals. And we do it with a unique combination of strategic advantages: the speed, efficiency and guarantees offered by large companies along with the personal service of a local, small business. Ocean Point was founded on a strong commitment to truly serving our clients in their best interest. We strive to provide them not only with the most professional and accurate services possible, but with the information, tools and knowledge to empower themselves. Whether you need general accounting services, payroll, taxes, business development or estate planning, Ocean Point is ready to do this important work for you.